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About Me:

The ladies on this website are beyond perfect! They're smart, funny, beautiful. If I was looking for a wife I'd go here but right now, I'm just looking to have fun and they're up for that. Everything is up front and there's no playing games. That's the best part. Playing games gets old so fast. This is pure no strings attached fun. That's what every guy wants anyways, some fun with no drama. This site is DRAMA FREE! and there's nothing more appealing then that.

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About Me:

I have spent more money then I can remember on girls at bars who don't even bother to talk to me afterwards. Then I found Hook Up Party and I was like HELL YEAH - this is where I need to be! It's free and it's insanely fun? I fall in love with a girl at least once a week on this site because they're all perfect. This site is no joke. I'm not leaving any time soon, that's for sure.

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About Me:

My girlfriend and I met on here. I was looking for fun and she was looking for a relationship. We went on one date and I knew I was done looking for something casual, she was the girl I wanted to bring home to my parents. I never would have found her if it hadn't have been for Hook-UpParty.com. I can't thank this site enough!

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It's not just the trouble of meeting singles at bars or clubs for local hookups that can be incredibly hard on the best of days- but being a student trying to find a hookup at school also has it's fair share of challenges. The main issue with trying to find a hot girl or guy for a casual random hookup at school is that there is just too much other competition from the other student body- and that's something we understand whole heartedly. But here's something not a lot of people understand: students hate having to go through the trouble of picking someone up in a bar just like everyone else. In fact, over 75% of students on campuses across the country say that they would love to engage in casual hookups with others as long as they didn't have to go through the trouble of hanging out in a bar all night. Well we're here to save the day. On Hook-UpParty.com you have the freedom to talk to as many singles as you'd like without sitting around a dingy bar all night. Don't waste another night being bored and dreaming - come to the number one best place to meet singles online. HOOK UP PARTY! We make it out goal to meet all your needs when it comes to meeting someone. Don't be shy anymore and sign up with us - we can help you meet all your needs. Let's be real, every person has a checklist of the perfect someone. Here you can check everything off that list in a matter of minutes and talk to only the people who make the cut. You'll be pleasantly surprised. It's free to sign up, so money is no excuse. At Hook Up Party we want to make sure that you are treated exactly the way you should be- Join Now!

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I found my boyfriend on here! How cool is that? I was on here for about a month and had some really great dates, then one day he messaged me and that was that. We went out literally that night and hit it off. We aren't ashamed to tell people that we met on Hook-UpParty.com - in fact, we encourage them to sign up. Our relationship is perfect and so is this website.

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I, normally, don't go on dating website but my friend had left her computer on one day and I used her profile to browse some members. I could not believe how hot they were and how close they were to me. I signed up that day and have been on here ever since. It's ridiculous how much I love meeting guys on this website. They're so hot! It's actually crazy!

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My boyfriend is great, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a girl needs a little something on the side. That's where Hook-UpParty.com comes in. I meet tons of discreet singles on here who just want to have fun. It's like role playing every night, they don't know me and I don't know them but we have the best time together. It's a win win situation. What could be better than that?

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I love when a guy spoils me. I'm not looking to be married anytime soon, I'm just here to have some casual fun and get a little spoiled by a gorgeous man. I've been on here for just over six months and it's perfect! I just find local hookups with guys and live a life of luxury. I totally see why they're number one all over the internet!

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When we did our user poll last year, we learned that the number one thing stopping people from finding that great local hookup they always wanted was time. They just didn't have the time to spend going out and looking for someone. Of course not! What are you supposed to do- go up to every person you see on the street who looks nice and ask them if they want to hook up? Well we get it. We understand that your life is busy and getting out to go places and meet new singles can seem like a ridiculously hard task. That's why on Hook-UpParty.com you can connect with hot singles whenever you want, and wherever you want. And now that we've introduced our amazing singles hook up app for your smart phone and android, you can use the commute to and from work to meet a hot local hookup in your area. Going on a business trip soon? Find yourself tons of sexy singles who want to go a little wild with you! Isn't that trips are for?! Have a little fun with us and let us help become the wild animal you always knew you could be! Because when you use Hook-UpParty.com, you can have the sexy party you've always dreamed of having everywhere you go! Hook Up Party is the best place to meet singles and we take pride in that! Sign up today and see what the rest of the internet is talking about! Hook-UpParty.com isn't just a party, it's an revolution in the area of adult online dating!

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Finding fun random hookups online can take time if you don't know where to go. Some local hookup sites make you fill out dozens of forms and member profiles before you can start looking at any other users! Why waste time! Hook-UpParty.com lets you get started immediately. So, don't let not having any time be the reason you don't find some gorgeous person to share your nights and weekends with. We have so many hot singles waiting to meet you! We are the best singles dating site and the best way to meet singles! How could you resist that? It's free to join up, so you don't lose a cent if you don't meet someone, but that won't be an issue anyway; with our 100% success rate we can guarantee you will meet someone amazing and someone who is perfectly right for you. Let's throw that �perfect someone' checklist away and find someone who makes you laugh and can curl your toes in bed. We want you to have the best time possible. Hook Up Party wants you to have the most fun. Join up today and see why we're ranked the NUMBER ONE best singles dating site today, and find someone tonight. Want to make all your friends jealous? Well sign up today and have a new hot hookup on your arm for every single party. They'll all be asking what you're secret is. Hook Up Party is the number one online dating website with the largest roster of hot local single men. Why not sample a little? You never know, you may find Mr. or Mrs. Right, right here!

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I signed up last month and they weren't lying. I instantly found a local hookup with a girl who just wanted to go a little crazy and have some wild no strings attached fun. I've made more friends on here than I did in my first two years at college. Plus, now I have hot friends I can sleep with! If it wasn't for Hook Up Party I wouldn't be having this much fun. You are the BEST!


My girlfriend thinks I just like to surf the internet but really, I'm online checking out these hot young things that are roaming this website. I swear this website should change it's name to HOT GIRL CENTRAL cause of all the hot ladies that are on here. My girlfriend doesn't need to know that I get a little something on the side, it keeps her happy knowing that she gets all my love with half the work.


I don't think I could ever use another dating site again since I've found Hook Up Party! It's amazing! I love how it's so easy to use and that there's literally pages upon pages of beautiful women. I've gone out on a few dates so far and they're all amazing. I wish I could be like Hefner and have a bunch of girlfriends at once and we all live together but for now I'll stick with this, cause this is GREAT! I swear nothing is better than this!