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About Me:

My husband and I really connect after a night of passionate love making with a girl from Hook Up Party. We have an ever growing connection where it doesn't matter who we're with as long as we always come back. I love him for it. He gives me the opportunity to be myself, and to be himself and we get to involve a very special person. It's spiritual really.

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About Me:

My girlfriend and I started having threesomes in college. It was a drunk thing at the time but now that we've grown up it seems to be a bit more exciting then that. We search out girls on Hook Up Party and invite them over and let things just happen. We don't ever want to stop having this kind of fun!

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About Me:

Thanks Hook Up Party for showing my husband and I that we aren't as boring as we think. We can totally be one of those wild couples who goes the distance and makes memories and says YES to life. I can't believe the whole world isn't using this site, it's so much fun! I got my friends to sign up too!

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Here at, we decided to take a look into our dating hookup network to see what kinds of people were into what kinds of things. One of the more interesting discoveries we made was that women are twice as more likely to want to engage in sexual activity with two partners at once. This is across the board- they even want to have fun in the bedroom with two other women more than men do! That's right, women can be swingers just as much as men that is the truth! Swingers don't always have fit the stereotype you're thinking of and be playboys or people in relationships- they can be single girls, or married women! On we let you be exactly who you are. Our adult singles chat room is the best place to get things going with meeting a couple for a threesome. There are no games here. Just you, and them, having the time of your life.

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The only time I can really be myself is when I'm smashed between two people. I can't get enough of this! This site really has brought out something in me that I didn't even know was there. I can't thank Hook Up Party enough for showing me that this side exists. I feel like I can actually be myself which is pretty amazing.

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I never thought I would be into threesomes until my ex and I had one. Now that we're over I wanted to have more so I signed up with Hook Up Party and have insane nights where I get to be this wild girl and have fun with a few friendly strangers I met online. It's so great and I can't get enough of it.

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There's nothing wrong with being a little adventurous in life as well as in sex. I fully believe you can sleep with whom ever you'd like whenever you'd like. Hook Up Party allows me to do that. It's quite unreal if you ask me - but at the same time it's the life I always wanted.

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There's something about meeting a couple online then meeting up with them later that night and makes you feel alive! It's my weekly Saturday night routine. I need to feel a bit sexy and dangerous. Otherwise, I feel like something is missing from my life. This site is perfect if that's the kind of thing you want to do.

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My husband and I have one of the best marriages I know. So what, if we look for a little something extra outside of our couple? I love the touch of two people at once, It's exhilarating and I can't get enough of it. Knowing that I'll get to do this again and again is great. Hook Up Party really is the real deal when it comes to connecting with people!


Don't listen to the haters who say that having threesomes can destroy your marriage. It won't at all! We have been doing it for years and we have a great relationship to show for it. We're proud of the choices we make and the people we connect with. There's nothing wrong with building a stronger relationship, right?!


There's something about seeing my boyfriend with a girl. I thought I would be jealous but really I was so into it. I almost didn't join in Doing this as really brought us closer together and I have never been happier with how things have turned out. Hook Up Party really opened our eyes to what was out there.