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About Me:

Personally, I love the idea of threesomes to save a marriage. My wife was against it, but she came around once she saw the guy I had picked out for both of us. Now, we communicate a lot more openly with each other and have a blast just being together. She now believes that a threesome can solve any problem.

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About Me:

We love having threesomes. We have been doing them for years. We're not dating or anything, but we enjoy each other's company. Now we have the means to create our own little fantasy world, where it's us and him. It's so hot. I actually can't believe it. Hook Up Party is seriously legit. More people need to be on it.

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About Me:

Sometimes I think I don't know what I would do if I hadn't found Hook Up Party. I'm always surprising my girlfriend with the gift of another man because I just love watching her with him. It's a gift for both of us and it's amazing. This site fixed our relationship in a way neither of us thought was possible!

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When we did a survey of users of dating hookup sites across the internet, we asked them what the one thing was that they would love to try in bed. The answer: threesomes. It how it happened, they just wanted to try it. And who wouldn't be open to trying a threesome for the first time? Sometimes you need more then just one person in bed! We can help you find something a bit more exciting. Hook Up Party is the best to meet singles online for threesomes. We are the leading adult dating site to hook you up with a couple for whatever is it you need in your life. Need to meet singles or have a threesome on the go? With the Hook Up Party mobile app it's super easy! We can help you find any type of swingers you want. Our adult singles chat rooms are the perfect place to get started when looking for something a little more exciting. So get started and join tonight!

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My buddy told me to join because he was having the most insane time on here. Well, within moments I had a couple messaging if I was available to come over. I agreed. After that they told me that they had never ben closer. I still stay in touch with them. They're really great. This website is truly amazing.

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I signed up for the sole purpose of finding threesomes. It wasn't hard to find and I love telling all my friends that I have to miss a night at the bar so I can go and fulfill some se couples dream. They are jealous. Hook Up Party is the NUMBER ONE PARTY!

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Some dudes like picking up girls at parties, some dudes like meeting girls at farmers market. I prefer Hook Up Party for any and all of my needs. I adore this website. I've met so many gorgeous women and so many amazing couples. My social life is the envy of all my friends. I wouldn't be the man I am today without Hook Up Party.

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When my girlfriend dumped me I wanted to prove that I was over her so I signed up on Hook Up Party. Before I knew it I was meeting up with couples, hanging out with gorgeous girls, everything was set. The site worked, I had forgotten about my girlfriend and embraced my new life.

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It came to our attention last year that most free local hookup sites don't offer an option for swingers and singles looking for threesomes. Why deprive people of such a great pleasure?! When you join, you find swingers around every corner in this website. Don't let them get away. is the best places to meet singles and couples online or offline. There are always reasons not to do things, but fear shouldn't be one of them. We will make sure that you are taken care of by any means necessary. You're success is our success and we want to make sure that you are fulfilled in every aspect. Couples looking for threesomes are all over our website so won't have to search hard. It's completely free and can happen for you in moments. Sign up now with and start meeting free local swingers. Join up today!

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The best part of using a dating hookup network is that the web is a much easier place to navigate than the club. When we asked our users, the majority of our membership (over 65%) claimed that before they found they had trouble at the bar when trying to meet singles; or they just didn't have time in their schedule to go out and hunt for a bit of threesome fun. Since joining these members have told us that they're lives are changed for the better because they found safe place to be open and honest. Even those members who used to do okay hooking up at the club say that they prefer to use instead! Don't you want to be a part of something life changing? It's free to join, so there's buyers remorse at all and we have an amazing adult dating chat room. Just good clean fun between you and our ever growing population of members- so sign up now!

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About ten months into our marriage I stopped loving my husband. It's sad but it's true. I desperately wanted to stay with him and was willing to try anything to get that feeling back. Hook Up Party helped us find a guy who was perfect for us and we had several really great nights together. We're still together and the feelings are back. We just needed an extra kick.


This place has been a godsend for me and my girlfriend. It was surprising when she asked me one day to have a threesome with her. Now we can't stop. We just keep meeting so many more awesome people on this website that it's totally crazy! I'm so excited to see what happens next. This place is the greatest!


There's nothing more exciting then you and your wife and another man. I never thought we would be the couple who does this sort of thing but it turns out that we are and that we really love it. Like super love it. Like we are never leaving Hook Up Party kind of loving it! It's actually amazing.