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About Me:

I enjoy getting pulled into a threesome. It's why I got a profile on Hook Up Party in the first place. They said it was the best place to have threesomes and they were not lying. Even lesbian couples come on here to add a man into the mix every now and then. It's amazing, my friends are quite jealous of my sex life.

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About Me:

Threesomes rock. I started them in high school, perfected them in college and now I just can't go a week without one. This site allows me to meet couples who want to get a little intense and have some fun. I am all about having some fun. These people are amazing and I want them to know it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Hook Up Party.

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About Me:

I wanted to go wild and try something new so I had a threesome. I was blown away at open I could be on Hook Up Party and still meet an attractive couple who wanted me to come over. I made friends with a lot of the couples too and still meet up with them about once a month. This site brings people together and really brought me out of my shell.

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We aren't fussy about who we see in bed. We're fussy about how we meet them. I personally son't trust people we meet at the bar. I like to meet them through Hook Up Party, it's amazing and easy going and you can get to know someone quickly and sober. This is perfect for us since we enjoy lots of threesomes.

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My wife and I love meeting new people, especially hot men that we can bring home together. But it's hard for us to agree on the right man that we meet at a bar, and even harder to see if he'll come home with us. Hook Up Party allowed us to meet men who only want to have threesomes and we could agree on the before even talking to him. It's perfect. We have never been happier.

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I love my wife and I love your relationship. Sometimes however, I get bored with it. I started inviting men to join us, at first she was weird about it but now she's all for it. There's no jealousy, she's just amazing. We have tons of fun and we love it. I still love her, but now we have better sex. It's really great.

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My husband is bi-sexual. It's fine, I totally don't even mind. It means we can invite other men and have some fun for the both of us. We both get fulfilled and we both enjoy what we do. Inviting another man over helps him to know that no matter what I still love him and will always love him. Hook Up Party just really helped me find what I was looking for.

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I originally signed up to meet someone special, then I met Diane and Rick and that changed everything. I'm now dating the two of them. They're happily married and I'm their friend who comes over and has a little fun with them, we even vacation together. Hook Up Party is awesome for connecting people.


Having threesomes is how I met my girlfriend actually. It was me and her and her ex-boyfriend. I fell for his girlfriend and now we're together. He's happily dating someone else he met on here and every now and then we all go out for drinks. It's been a really amazing experience. You've rocked my world, Hook Up Party! Thanks a bunch!


I honestly didn't think I would actually find threesomes on here I thought they just said that to get people to sign up. They weren't lying AT ALL, I met so many people on here. They were all so open and honest, it was refreshing. I don't think I would've found this had it not been for Hook Up Party.