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About Me:

Sometimes a couple just needs to swing. But when your new to town it's hard to find some a nice group of individuals to do it with. So we signed up with Hook Up Party and we got to swinging in no time. We love our new circle of friends and lovers, it never would've happened this fast without a little help from Hook Up Party!

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About Me:

My husband and I love to swing, it's really the only fun we get to have between soccer practice, dance lessons, pre-school and high school. Hook Up Party helped us work swinging into our schedule. Every coupe no matter how busy needs a little down time. But that doesn't mean downtime can't also be fun time!

image descriptionNotYourAverageLove
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About Me:

Crying babies, angry teens, other parents at school being annoying. Sometimes you just need to shut all of that out and have a little time just for me and the mrs. We love cuddling up by the fire, going to the movies, and of course, swinging with a lovely group of friends that we made through Hook Up Party. It makes everything else in our life so bearable.

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We get it - It's not the easiest thing in the world for couples to find other couples for a local hookup. And even more difficult is finding two people at a bar or a club who want to have some swinger fun. But that's where we at come it to makes it easy to connect you with like-minded free local swingers. Our adult singles chat rooms connect you with couples looking to have a little fun while they strengthen and expand the limits of their relationships. Adult swinging is one of the main activities that can keeps a failing relationship together for years and years to come. We have hundreds of happy couples signing up to either aid their marriage or even just explore how much joy they can get out of it. So why not sign up? Not only will you be helping out your own relationship, you'll be apart of helping someone relationship as well! Hook Up Party is the number one place to find swingers, so don't wait- swing on over to our sign up page and join now!

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My boyfriend and I love meeting people on this website. It's free and easy and there's so many local swingers that we didn't even know anything about until now. It's healthy to keep things new and fresh and exciting and helps us do that. This place is the easiest way to have fun in the bedroom!

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After the baby was born we found that our sex life had diminished. Our friends told us about this website where we could find something to make our lives a bit more exciting and sure enough they were correct. We got our groove back to quickly. Swinging definitely helped us out.

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Once the kids went off to summer camp, our house felt empty. So, we got ourselves a profile on Hook Up Party and invited some new friends over for a good time. It's was the best night that we had had in years. Even if one of the couples broke my sons bed. We try to make it a monthly occasion when all our busy schedules can match up.

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Hook Up Party really showed us how open we could be as a couple. Key parties seemed like a thing of the past but when it was brought up to us one of the chat rooms, we thought, why not? What's the worst that can happen? It ended up being a really great night. We have yet to host our own party but in the near future we will post about it.

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The main reason married singles join local hookup websites isn't to cheat on their spouses, it's to have fun with them! Did you know swinging is one of the top activities couples engage in on the web! So if you're a couple that wants to have a little but of extra fun, but are too nervous to try something different - don't be nervous, there's nothing to be scared of. Lets get a little wild together with some swingers. But we've got to warn you about one danger you might encounter when signing up to - once you sign up you won't be able to stop surfing our database to find adult swingers! There's something about a free swinger site that makes you want to explore, and we're all for exploring. Not only that, but free swinger chat is available for you and significant other to chat with our coupes members and see if swinging is right for you. So stop looking in through the window and step inside and join the party at!

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Couples and couples and couples, let's find you some swingers!

When you and your partner join the #1 free dating hookup site on the web- you don't have to worry about anything. We take pride in knowing our swingers are in good hands. Not only do we protect your privacy and your boundaries, we make sure free local swingers are available 24/7 to meet all your needs. Female swingers, bi-sexual swingers, bbw swingers, ebony swingers - whatever you and yours are in the mood for, we've got them by the thousands and there is never a shortage. Don't let being at home stop you either from finding a nice couple you and your significant other can share a bed with- get on and invite someone over. Even if you're on the go, with our mobile app you can swing on the go just by signing on to your account through your device. We can connect you with other swingers wherever you are! Stop thinking about it and join tonight!

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I swear, my last wife used to hate swinging but now that we're divorced and I've found this new and amazing girl. It's all we do. We both love it and can't wait to see who else we'll meet on Hook Up Party next to fulfill a few fantasies we've both had.


I never considered myself the type of person to swing but I thought that you never know until you try it. I did. AND I LOVED IT. Swinging was all so new to me, but he held my hand the whole way through it. We had the best time getting to know these people we met on - It was a wonderful experience. One I will definitely be doing again.


My girlfriend is so amazing - she told me we should start swinging! She even made us a profile on and that was what really made it happen. She was inviting over couples and we were having a blast. She's the most amazing woman I have ever met. Hook Up Party showed us how awesome we could really be.